Monday, July 26, 2010

To kick off Travel Tuesdays I wanted to share a fabulous little getaway near Cherokee,NC. The Chalet Inn is an off the beaten path, cozy bed and breakfast just minutes from all the historic attractions of Cherokee. I ran across this place a few years back while trying to plan a surprise birthday trip for Brandon. I wanted something romantic but at the same time, within short distance of Harrah's Cherokee Casino so that he could do some gambling.

The Innkeepers here are so welcoming, and the food is absolutely amazing. The prices are very reasonable and the setting is calming and serene.
You can go to their website and sign up for their email list and they will email you GREAT deals!!
Make sure to check them out!
You will not be disappointed!

Come hang out @ my Crib

Brandon and I went crib shopping this weekend. Well, I use that term lightly as I had really already decided on which crib I had wanted prior to me "dragging him along" to the store. Upon entering the store, I immediately saw the set that I had come for. I made a B line straight for it....and amazingly, Brandon liked it too..( VERY rare that he agrees with something of the same style and price point that I do).
It took some time to decide if we wanted the style with the fold down gate, or the stationary crib. Each one converts from crib to Toddler- to Twin bed, but we just weren't sure of we felt safe enough with the gate. So, that being said...We decided on the Baby's Dream Ocean Stationary Conversion Crib in Glacier. I love it because its not too feminine, and its simple but modern at the same time.

**This is the Crib, except in Expresso...We are going with the Glacier White

**Here is the Crib in white once it is converted into the Twin

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A little Laughter

OK, this was WAY too funny not share....I think its absolutely fabulous!!!!
I cant believe this is what I have to look forward too...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's a Boy!

So, I know that I am a week or so late in making the blog announcement, but has been kinda crazy!
We had our ultrasound on July 6th and honestly, I was nervous!! I had kept telling myself that I didn't mind either way what baby's gender was, but I was worried that if the Dr. told me it was a girl I might would realize that I had secretly been wanting a boy, or vice versa...Brandon and my BFF were laughing at me telling me how ridiculous I was for being nervous....
Before we were taken back into the room, I could tell I was getting butterflies in my tummy...(Or, I guess it could have just been Baby H moving) but either way..It felt like it was taking FOREVER!!!
Fast forward about 15-20 minutes and there we are, watching the miracle moving around on the TV. When the nurse finally asked the anticipated question of if we wanted to know the gender...I felt even more nervous..Stupid I know,( in the words of both Brandon and my BFF "its not like they were going to tell me it was a horse")
Finally... "Its a Boy"
My immediate reaction was to look over at Brandon, whom I knew was instantly the most proud (soon-to-be) Daddy in the world....I was flooded with emotions honestly, can't even begin to tell you how I was feeling in that moment...I do however, know that I was falling more in love with my husband and "little boy" as the seconds ticked by.

We cannot wait to welcome Baby H into his fabulous Gamecock Nursery that is in the works...I will post some pics soon for your eye candy and for opinions!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Chicken Curse has been REVERSED!!

Wow....What an interesting past week this has been....
I have been preparing myself for the upcoming news on Tuesday when we find out if "Skippy" ( our little nickname for Baby H) is a little Amy or a little Brandon...but all of the anticipation has been overshadowed by a little something known as the College World Series...

As most of you who know me are well aware that I am an avid baseball fan, and have always enjoyed playing,coaching, and watching America's favorite past time...and add that together with my absolute love and passion for the Gamecocks...You can imagine this has been one amazing and emotional journey for me to watch my team on the Road to Omaha!
Brandon and I both get highly emotional and vocal during any Gamecock event, so you can imagine the intensity that we were feeling! There was many times when Brandon had to "call me down" for fear of getting too excited and bouncing "Skippy" all around due to my excitement!!
Words cannot express how amazing this feeling is! I honestly believe that I cannot put it into words! A lot of people I know are "over it" and insist on moving on, but ladies and gentleman..only a TRUE GAMECOCK FAN can feel how much of a big deal this is!! THE CHICKEN CURSE HAS BEEN REVERSED!!!

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the series, the welcome home celebration (which was ROCKIN) and the SC State House flying the almighty SC GAMECOCK FLAG!!

(PS...Lauren, I stole your pics of the State House, Thanks for the Email!) :)