Wednesday, October 26, 2011

You Say It's Your Birthday!?!

This past Sunday we celebrated our little man turning 1 year old!! Although his actually birthday is tomorrow, we enjoyed a beautiful Sunday afternoon with lots of friends and family!

We threw together a Little Red Wagon themed party, as that was Mommy and Daddy's gift for Cooper. However, when I say "we" I have to acknowledge the fact that truly if it had not been for my younger sister and her other half, and my best friend Lauren....This party would NEVER have come together!! I am so thankful for all of the endless hours and effort that they helped contribute and also for the patience they had with me while I continuously changed the invitation design countless times and they put up with my "mom-zilla" moments trying to have the perfect party for my little prince!!

Cooper had a blast visiting with all of his friends ( and ours) and spent the entire day and night (Until he FINALLY went to sleep around 10:30,Ugh!!) laughing and playing! It was such a great feeling seeing him to excited even though at any time I knew he could pass out and sleep for days!!

I must admit, that I had begun mentally planning this party months in advance. I found myself uber excited to finally throw a party "for him"! However, as I sit and scroll through the photo's I took and actually think about the fact that at this time one year ago, I had spent a full day in the hospital, only to return around midnight and then be surprised at 6 am by the words " They didn't tell you?, Well, We are going to have a baby today" (Yikes!!!)- It is an extremely bittersweet moment.
I have watched this precious premature little boy grow into a laughing, squealing, crawling,personality-filled ham! You never believe everyone when they tell just how fast the time will go, until it does.

Tomorrow, in honor of Cooper's birthday I hope to post a little about his journey and my experience through his first year, but for now I will leave you with a few snapshots of his Little Red Wagon Party!!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Back on Board..

Alright, I have to admit..I have been down this road before. Blogging..and stop..Returning...Only to stop again. Just call me the little girl who cried Blog! (Little boy who cried wolf...get it? Ok, bad comparison)

I am giving this another shot. We as a family have had lots of eventful happenings lately, and I have embarked on a "purging" process of all things in my home that I just feel are not necessary. I have begun to reinvent the decor in many rooms, move furniture, plan the conversion of our garage into a playroom/multi-purpose space ( Or as my Hubs refers to it, his "Man Cave"...Not so sure how manly it will get with Mickey Mouse, an exersaucer, and multi-colored foam flooring!!)
Needless to say, I have been trying to take advantage of the time I get to be a stay at home mom before I am unwillingly forced back into the 9-5 work force!

All of this being said, I extend (yet another) apology for all of the 1 person(s) that actually make an attempt to follow this lack of blog I have created. I am making it my goal to update you on a regular basis of the many happenings here in the Heydt Household...Believe me when I tell you this however...Pretty soon...Things will only be getting slightly more interesting!!! ;)

Since I have left the blogosphere for most of the summer...Here a few of my favorite shots this summer to sum it up...

Cooper made his first trip to the Beach..and what better place than Disney's Hilton Head Resort--
(Compliments of my wonderful Aunt Linda....Thanks Aunt Ninny!!)

He LOVED walking strolling the boardwalk listening to music and seeing all of the Yachts!!

*Yes, my mother DID get him within 5 feet of an alligator...Apparently grandparents believe they really can do whatever they want...Hmmm....

Cooper's first sand adventure...

Alright, maybe you are sensing a theme hear...But, we did spend a good bit of time in Hilton Head this summer. During our second trip, we visited Harbor Town and also made a stop at Hunting Island on our way home....

This little man just LOVED everything about the beach!!!

Harbor Town...I love you...( One day, I will have yacht able enough to park there...and possibly a condo to go along with it..and...Ok, I digress..Excuse my dream moment

Hunting Island State Park....A Must See!!

Alright, had to throw this in just for the shear awesomeness that it is...Anyone else see what I see?!