Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hospital Update

Some of you may know that I was admitted into Labor and Delivery yesterday morning while attending my BPP Ultrasound visit. During the ultrasound, Baby Cooper was not as mobile as he has normally been, and they were not able to detect too many movements from him. I was then set up for an NST (non-stress test) to monitor his heartbeat for while. This test, he seemed to be fine, but also my blood pressure was seeming to rise. About 3 hours after my initial appointment time, 2 Ultrasounds, 2 meetings with the Dr, and some lab work...They decided to admit me to LMC for 24 hour monitoring.
Once checked in, I was given some food (FINALLY) and was also given some steroids to help boost babies lungs! I was worried at this point, but Dr assured me that he would not be trying to make an appearance anytime in the next 24-48 hours that the shots were just a precaution.
I had received rave reviews from my Dr. about how well I had been controlling my gestational diabetes, but on the down fall, the steroids do make your blood sugar sky rocket.. (i.e. mine went from about 115(ish) to 188 after the shot!!! Yikes!!) So, I was given some insulin to help bring it back down.

To add to my stress and worry, I had to call Brandon who was in Fayetteville in the middle of his grandfathers funeral to let him know that I was being admitted...but NOT to worry or rush home!! But he did indeed get home as quickly as possible and stayed by my side all night long.

They monitored Cooper's heart beat continuously as well as me and if I had been having any contractions. I did experience some Monday while there and a few minor contractions this morning, but nothing too alarming. Baby's heart rate however did look solid for about 99% of our stay! Whew!!

They took me down for another BPP ultrasound this morning, and when my Dr. came back in to visit she let know that he passed with all 8 of 8 points! Which was great compared to the 2 of 8 that he was scoring the morning prior!
She continued with another steroid shot, and gave me a script for some more insulin which I will be injecting for hopefully only 2 more days until I return on Thursday for another NST and a follow up for my hospital visit.

So, some stress and some nerves had relaxed a little at this point and we have returned home late this afternoon. We are still all very nervous and cautious about what Cooper is doing in there, but if he is anything like his mommy and daddy...This stubbornness doesn't surprise us one bit!

I will post an update on Thursday on the medical aspects of what all is to be expected after my follow up...but on a MUCH happier note...
I was able to attend my baby shower this past saturday, which was more than anyone could ask for!!
I will post some pictures and give you all the scoop tomorrow once I have gotten a little more rest!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lets play Catch Up!

Alright, so I feel like every time I get around to posting a new update I must apologize for the delay between posts...So, in true Amy Style..."my apologies"!
Things have been somewhat crazy lately and honestly, every day I say to myself that I want to do a post..but then all those crazy pregnant emotions kick in and I either A.) forget B.)get a case of writers block, even though Ive been dwelling on tons of things to post or C.) just plain procrastinate!

To catch you up a little on what has been going on...Most of you may already know that I have been having a few complications.
My Dr. called me labor day weekend...on Sunday...Mine and Brandon's FIRST anniversary....To let me know that my test results came back and that I was preeclamptic/toxemic and that I was to be confined to bed rest...Well heck, what a way to spend your first anniversary! Dont ya think?!

**For those who are unaware of what Preeclampsia actually is and are interested in know the details, check out THIS article on BabyCenter about the condition, symptoms, causes and what exactly I am experiencing!

Of course, if you are like me..When you are working 40+ hours a week you dream of the day when you can stay home, lay around, enlist someone to do all of your household chores etc....Well, let me just say..That this scenario is enjoyable for about 1-2 days! After that, it is pure torture!! I do not like asking someone to get things for me, clean things for me, cook for me etc....If I am going to be at home, I want to be doing something productive!!
Being on bed rest really does take a toll on you emotionally, physically, and mentally! I have been one ginormous ball of hormonal emotions lately!! :(

Moving on...Considering the emotional horror of being put on bed rest I found myself thinking...Well, atleast I can drown my sorrows in ice cream or something sweet....Reality Check #2....The same week I found out I was going on bed rest, I was also informed from my Dr. that I would be having to do the 3 hour glucose test to check for gestational diabetes since I failed the original glucose test!
Fast forward almost a week and Pow! No more sugary sweets for me! I am now checking my blood sugar with a meter 4-5 times a day. I have not yet been put on any medication or insulin since we will review my levels at my appointment on Tuesday this week. So, we will see...However, I have noticed that my levels are not as high as they have been...(This being said, of course I have been trying to sneak in SOME type of sweet treat at least once a day)

I go to a diabetes class tomorrow afternoon and then go to my Dr. on Tuesday for an ultrasound to check on Baby H's weight and growth!
After this...I promise to update! :)