Thursday, November 10, 2011

I gained 40 lbs...Of Chicken!

I wanted to share with everyone my recent discovery!

Most of you that know me, know that I can coupon the crud out of whatever it is I am looking for. Whether it be a food product, or just some random neat item I found online...I make sure that I do NOT ever pay full price for anything.

My most recent treasure...Chicken Breast, and a whole lot of them! Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures when I picked up my box :( I know, how un-smart of me!
However, I did snap some shots of the the size of these babies, and a few of my freezer once I had cleaned, cut, and froze them.

Before I share the pictures, I will let you in on this new found obsession of mine.

It is difficult for me to explain this company to you, except for the fact that it is SUCH a great deal and VERY good quality foods!
The welcome statement on their page sums everything up better than I could....

"Welcome to Zaycon Foods.

Our goal is simple. We help families like yours to save money on high-quality food products.

Along the way, we are transforming the traditional food purchasing experience.

With our Savings Events Across America , we invite you to come see for yourself what we are all about."

They have "events" at different times and different locations. They will do specials on beef, bacon, fruits, etc. This particular event was for their Chicken Breast. Wowzers, was it a deal that I just could not turn down-- **$1.49/lb**

Currently Publix is selling their Perdue Chicken Breast for $ 2.99/lb and Food Lion does have theirs (an "off" brand") for $1.89 per pound this week. Just as a means for comparison.

There is a catch or 2 with purchasing these products is that there is a minimum order you must place. For example, the chicken breasts came in cases of 40 lbs. This was the minimum. ( My total was $59.60)
These are not like the chicken breasts you can purchase in the store, take home and throw in the freezer.

The box comes with 4 unsealed "smaller" bags FULL of FULL Chicken Breast, this means that the 2 breast are still connected in the butterfly formation. All 4 of these "smaller" bags are then placed in a larger Sealed bag, inside the box.

Here are the stock images from Zaycon Foods...Showing the packing...

I personally washed each breast thoroughly as I was unpacking them and preparing them. You must cut, de-fat, portion,package and freeze them yourself.
I know this seems exhausting to think about doing all of those things to 40 lbs of chicken...Which, I cannot lie, it does get a little exhausting standing on your feet in the kitchen for that long period of time (* Cue one of my favorite gadgets....The NATCO Kitchen Chef Mat...Which Kohls will have on sale for Black Friday..I HIGHLY recommend one!)

Here are some shots of the chicken that I snapped while I was working...I was SOO shocked at the size of these, they were significantly larger than ANY I had ever bought from a grocery store! I apologize for the terrible quality, I snapped these with my iphone with intentions only to message them to someone, not use here.

I did go ahead and cook 4 of the breasts for dinner the other night, these suckers are "real thick and juicy" (Name that Song!). I chose the smallest of the batch I cooked and I could not even finish it!
Absolutely Delish!!

Check out Zaycon Foods HERE...Register..and Keep your eyes open for their next event! I will post an announcement here whenever there is one available so that all 2 of you that read this, will be aware!!


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